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Salesforce Lightning Professional Edition


Custom Windows has a sales team of seven employes, all busy contacting potential leads in the construction and remodeling industry throughout the state.  But keeping contacts, leads, and opportunities organized is difficult to manage, and follow-on opportunities keep slipping through their finders.

Welcome to Salesforce Lightning Professional — Your Complete Sales Solution

The new Lightning Professional bundles many of the Sales Cloud-related apps that were sold separately into a single sales solution.

Manage your entire sales cycle, as well as manage marketing campaigns, contracts, orders, and more. Get real-time business insights with accurate sales forecasts, and customizable reports and dashboards. Make every interaction with customers, employees, and partners faster and smarter..


In addition to the features in SalesforceIQ, Lightning Professional offers:

  • Lead/account/contact/case management
  • Opportunity/task/event tracking
  • Customizable reports and dashboards
  • Native sales collaboration
  • One Sales Console app
  • An intuitive user experience
  • Mobile device access
  • A limited number of processes, record types, profiles, and role permission sets
  • Unlimited apps and tabs