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With our proven low overhead
and streamlined development process,
Subflare saves companies up to 75% in setup costs
for Salesforce Sales Cloud.

How do you manage your customers?


Even if your customer base is small, you can’t really keep every account, contact, opportunity, or task organized in your head.


Spreadsheets: Scatter data everywhere, making it hard to quickly view or share it. 


Email/Contact Managers: Lack the automation to save you time and effort to present the data you need clearly and quickly.


The Solution: Automate your sales process and manage your customers with Subflare's proven and cost-effective Customer Relations Management (CRM) setups!


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What's Our Secret? 


    Virtual Office: Allows for low overhead and high skill sets. 


     Our Development Process: Proven, detailed, yet flexible.


     Chemistry: Close and frequent client interaction. 



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Why Are Traditional Prices So High?


      Because IT firms pay for the following: 


  •      Consultants get six figure salaries...and bonuses.
  •          Premium office space, massive overhead, perks.
  •          Travel, hotels, expensive on site consulting.
  •      Bloated processes. Email chains. Spider webs of Gannt charts.
  •         They "hire" expensive experts to do simple things.